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Founded in 2019, Lifespan Dance has been working in positive creative ageing - facilitating dance classes, workshops and performances throughout Perth and Peel region of WA.


Lifespan Dance artists are inspired by the community participants that we meet and dance with. Using Dance for PD principles and methodology, we draw on creative artistry to create  joyful dance class content. 

Lifespan Dance teachers keep their skills updated and are in step with the dance industry and global research in dance for wellbeing. 

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VISION - Seated dance classes and performance opportunities for all Western Australians

MISSION - Together with like-minded partnering organisations, we will lead quality seated dance classes and performances in a range of settings providing high quality dance experiences and engagement, each time. 


PROFESSIONAL Dance artistry, training, skill and communication

INFORMED - by current factors, research and methodology

CONNECTED - to national and international dance colleagues

RESPECTFUL - for each other, for the genre of dance

COMPASSIONATE - for each other, volunteers, participants, carers

ENVIRONMENTAL - always a light touch on the earth

Our Supporters and Partners

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