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Lifespan Dance work towards creating opportunities to share this new dance genre in exciting performative ways.

Exquisite Bodies 23-11-12023-104.jpg


Seated Dance performances have been created for dancers to be involved performatively in the seated dance genre. 

  • BOLD Festival (ACT)

  • 'Wingspan' at the Mandurah Arts Festival 2021

  • 'Wingspan II" at the Mandurah Arts Festival 2022 

  • 'Exquisite Bodies' at Art Gallery of WA

Digital Catalogue

Working closely with videographer Lee Kennedy, Lifespan has created a suite of digital dance sequences, which are available on-line.

This is a catalogue of dance sequences choreographed to music, and that include the instructional component.  See link below..

If you would like a curated sequence of exercises for you or your clients or residents, please email.

Seated Dance Sequences

Watch Introduction....

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